MACWORLD Observations - Day One

The first day of MACWORLD San Francisco saw huge crowds and smiling faces. Even the vendors appeared happy as this is the first day of the show and they havenit yet had time to remember why it is they vowed last time to never, ever show at another Expo, ever. There are two sides to having killer crowds, after all.

Seriously though, the Expo has kicked off with a bang and looks to be a big success. The Apple booth in particular seems as busy as we have ever seen it, with throngs of people checking out the new iMacs, OS X, and the iPod. The iPhoto demonstrations also drew heavy crowds, with all of the demonstrations we looked in on having overflow crowds.

We spoke to two women in Appleis booth, one of whom was helping the other to shop for a new Mac. "I use a PC, and I have all these friends who use Macs," said the woman who wanted a new Mac. "Iim surrounded by Mac users, and I want to get in on this." Her main interests are graphic design and photo editing, and she felt the Mac was the best choice for that. Her choice? The US$1799 iMac so she can burn to DVD if she needs to. Both women were very impressed with Appleis new consumer line.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week for more Observations from the show floor.