MAKI Updates Magellan

MAKI enterprises has announced an update to its e-mail client Magellan, to version 2.0.1. The Magellan update includes versions for Classic Mac OS and OS X with bug fixes for both. According to MAKI:

MAKI Enterprise Inc. releases a new version of its e-mail client software Magellan. Magellan 2.0.1 includes two versions for MacOS classic and MacOS X. Magellan is still the fastest e-mail client on MacOS X environment. Magellan 2.0.1 release is a minor update for 2.0, but it includes some important bug fixes.

Magellan 2.0.1 changes:

  • Non-Stripe Toolbar check box is added to the Appearance preference.
  • A problem with mail which has a message ID that is too long sometimes does not appear in the Mail Manager has been solved.
  • Status window GUI has changed on MacOS X version.
  • The function of diagnose and repair database has been consolidated.
  • A problem with skipped mail that remains in Unread has been solved.
  • Images only mail send by some cellular phone can be decoded as well as normal message.
  • Mail Manager window has become available CC: field.
  • Now, French version available.

System requirements:

Classic MacOS 8.0 or newer, TextEncoding Converter 1.31 or newer, Internetcontrol panel is available. (Internet config 1.4 or newer.) To use Index search, MacOS 9.0 is required.

Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.0 or later is required. For multilingual e-mail, Each language Kit or localized version of MacOS has to be installed.

You can find more information and a 20-day trial of Magellan at the MAKI Web site. A registered version of Magellan costs US$ 50.00.