MAKI Updates Presentation Package

MAKI Enterprise has updated their Mac based presentation package, Magical Marker. Magical Marker allows users to add notes to any other running application, add blinking highlights, and even take screen shots of the annotated work. This provides a powerful tool for those giving computer related presentations. According to MAKI Enterprise:

MAKI Enterprise Inc. releases new version of Presentation software Magical Marker for MacOS.

It is unique, easy-to-use presentation assistant tool forMacintosh. You can scribble, put beautiful stickers or blinking stamps anywhere on your computer screen freely, directly even on other running applications. You can also save screen shots, then easily back to previous screen with one action. It is not only for presentation, usages are up to you. Teachers can use in their class room, Doctors can use when he describe clientis symptom and cure, parents can show how to use iBook and iMac to children. With Powerbook or iBook, you can do presentation anytime, anywhere.

Magical Marker is available for US$49. You can find more information at the MAKI Enterprise Web site.