MCF Soft Updates ListSTAR To 2.3

MCF Software has released an update for ListSTAR, bringing it to version 2.3. ListSTAR is a management utility designed for list servers and email. The update features numerous enhancements including bug fixes and new template features. According to MCF Software:

MCF Software today announced the release of ListSTAR version 2.3, an update to its powerful and customizable list server and e-mail manager software.

ListSTAR is a powerful and completely customizable list server and e-mail manager which can handle all kinds of e-mail like no other list server on the market today. It can handle simple mailing lists all the way to complex e-mail routing applications.

ListSTAR version 2.3 changes:

  • The main folder has been renamed from ListSTAR/SMTP to ListSTAR_SMTP or ListSTAR/POP to ListSTAR_POP
  • When you create a new service using the templates, you will now be prompted for the name of the list and the services and address lists will automatically be renamed after the template completes
  • The ESC key can be used as the Cancel button in most dialogs
  • The Closed Mailing list and the Closed Moderated Mailing list templates so that when a user switches between digest and normal mode, the switch is done correctly
  • When a new template is imported, ListSTAR will now ensure that the timer service gets triggered. Previously, ListSTAR would not run the timer until a rule in the timer was edited
  • One error dialog referred to Quarterdeck, and now refers to MCF Software
  • ListSTAR/POP was changed so that when a timer service sends a message, the To: field will be set to the reply-to address, if it is entered, instead of the POP3 login name and server
  • When a message comes in with only MIME sections, any plain-text content is saved into the message
  • The Announcement list template was fixed to use the correct regular expression in the Email Administration rule
  • The SMTP panel of the General Preferences dialog was fixed so that when you select a double digit number of senders and/or receivers, you actually see the number instead of "..."
  • The Address List window was fixed so that if you attempt to edit an address list that has more than 32,000 addresses, ListSTAR no longer crashes or hangs
  • Added an option to check and limit the size of incoming attachments
  • Fixed a bug in the renaming of services that was preventing an audit from occurring and hence causing problems with other services that referenced the service that was renamed

You can find more information about the ListSTAR update at the MCF Software Web site. ListSTAR is available for US$275.00.