MCF Software Releases New App For Vacationers

MCF Software has released a new app for Mac users, Vacation Plug-In for EIMS 1.0. Vacation Plug-In is an Eudora Internet Mail Server filter designed for auto reply management. The app features list maintaining which prevents auto-reply loops. According to MCF Software:

MCF Software today announced the release of the Vacation Plug-In for EIMS version 1.0.

The Vacation Plug-In for Eudora Internet Mail Server is a simple auto-reply filter that will only send one reply per email address.

This allows the administrator of an EIMS server to easily set up vacation, or any other type of auto reply, ensuring that any particular sender will get only one reply. It avoids the loops that can occur with the built-in functionality in EIMS and is much easier to administer than other solutions.

You can find more information about the Vacation Plug-In for EIMS 1.0 at the MCF Software Web site. Vacation Plug-In for EIMS is available for US$50.00.