MDJ Posts A Who's Who Of The Mac Universe

The Macintosh Daily Journal for Serious Macintosh Users has posted their second annual list of the MDJ Power 25. The list of the 25 most powerful people in the Macintosh community is headed, of course, by Steve Jobs. According to MDJ:

MDJ, the Daily Journal for Serious Macintosh Users, returned from hiatus in July, 2000 with the inaugural "MDJ Power 25." In 2001, this feature officially becomes an MDJ tradition with the publication of the second annual Power 25 list. The list, distilled from surveys sent in June to industry movers and shakers (including journalists, executives, engineers, and Apple Computer insiders), is the Macintosh industryis only serious attempt to track the perception of power and influence in the community.

"The Macintosh community has changed a lot in the past year, with the release of Mac OS X bringing a number of NeXT and UNIX people into the fold," said Matt Deatherage, publisher of MDJ. "So we werenit too surprised to see the list churn a little. At the same time, though, the very top of the power structure remained remarkably stable."

Itis no surprise, then, that Apple Computer iCEO Steve Jobs tops the second MDJ Power 25 as commandingly as he did the first. Adam C. Engst (Macintosh author and publisher of TidBITS) and Avie Tevanian (Appleis senior VP of software engineering), who were last year numbers two and three, respectively, have swapped places, and Bill Gates (chairman and chief scientist of Microsoft) holds steady at number four. Up one position from last year, to round out the top five, is Jonathan Ive (Appleis VP of design), buoyed, no doubt, by his triumphant PowerBook G4 and iBook makeovers. The remainder of the list includes Apple executives, journalists, programmers, and even some little-known engineers who wield unexpected influence on the way the Macintosh evolves.

You can find the complete Power 25 list at the MDJ Web site.