MIF Filter For OS X Now Shipping

Goldwein Research Ltd. has released an OS X version of MIF Filter. MIF Filter is a plug-in designed for file exchange between FrameMaker and QuarkXPress. The app features cross-platform file conversion support and conversion of all file elements. According to Goldwein Research Ltd:

Goldwein Research Ltd., a Prague (Czech Republic) based developer of publishing and graphic design software solutions marketed under brand DTP Tools, announces release of a Mac OS X version of its popular QuarkXPress™ XTensions™ module MIF Filter. MIF Filter is QuarkXPress import and export filter for Adobe FrameMaker documents.

MIF Filter is currently the only way to exchange documents between QuarkXPress and Adobe FrameMaker

With MIF Filter installed, QuarkXPress opens FrameMaker documents the same way as its own documents. MIF Filter also enables export from QuarkXPress to FrameMaker. All elements (large tables, page layout, graphic objects, styles colors, etc.) are converted. MIF Filter converts also cross–platform files

MIF Filter was created as a professional tool with the convenience of its users in mind. It’s easy to install and easy to use. You can use your FrameMaker documents with the added advantage of QuarkXPress environment. With MIF Filter you will never have to do the same work twice.
Due to differences between QuarkXPress and FrameMaker, some manual adjusting might be needed after conversion.

You can find more information about the MIF Filter for OS X at the product home page site. MIF Filter is available for US$99.00 per license.