MP3 Catalog App Final Version Release

three-2-one software has released the final version of mp3voodoo version 2.0. mp3voodoo is an audio utility designed as a visual solution for MP3 catalog browsing. The final release features extensive information display and user defined configurable structures. According to three-2-one:

We are proud to announce the final release of our MP3 catalogging system mp3voodoo for the Apple Macintosh.

mp3voodoo organizes your MP3 collection - "May I *show* you my MP3 collection?"

mp3voodoo lets you catalog MP3 files in albums and titles and has the special ability to attach cover pictures to albums. As in real life you are able to visually browse your collection.

The powerful database in mp3voodoo is able to handle collections with thousands of albums. Information can be displayed by albums, covers or titles in user configurable structures (e.g. show by decade - artist). mp3voodoo uses Quicktime or controls a 3rd party mp3 player (not under OSX) to play titles directly out of collections or previously created playlists.

You can find more information about the mp3voodoo release at the mp3voodoo home page. mp3voodooo 2.0 is available for US$35.00.