MP3 Rage Maintenance Update

Chaotic Software has released an update for MP3 Rage, bringing it to version 4.2.1. MP3 Rage is an MP3 utility for organizing and adjusting music in the MP3 format. The update includes performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Chaotic Software:

Chaotic Software just released MP3 Rage 4.2.1 to add a few features and fix minor problems.

MP3 Rage 4.2.1 change history:

  • Added popup menu to QuickEdit window to allow the case of the artist, album, and title to be easily changed to all uppercase, all lowercase, title caps, etc. This brings similar functionality present in the Tag Changer to the QuickEdit window for easier single-file changes
  • Added popup menu to QuickEdit window with a variety of actions to swap artist, album, and/or title
  • Added support for pressing Command-Period to disconnect from an OpenNap server. This makes it easier to quickly move to a different server to perform a search
  • Fixed problem when removing articles (A, An, The) while renaming
  • Fixed problem where filenames that only differed by character case were not renamed when renaming files one at a time
  • Fixed problem where files encoded with N2MP3 were excluded from batch processing because of a file type mismatch
  • Fixed problem when looking up information via CDNOW or Lyric Tracker with no text

You can find more information about the MP3 Rage update at the Chaotic Software Web site. MP3 Rage 4.2.1 is available for US$24.95.