MP3 Streaming Application Updated

Arctic Software has released a new version of their MP3 streaming application, iStream. Version 1.4.2 addresses a number of bugs while also adding several new features. iStream allows users to stream MP3 files across the Internet for other to hear and share. According to Arctic Software:

A new version of iStream has just been released. Our new release fixes some major bugs and should get rid of some nasty problems we have been having with different MacOS Localizations. Version 1.4.2 fixes the registration bug and enhances the playlist function.

A Brief Description of iStream
Finally, you can stream your MP3s to dozens of people on the internet with your Mac. iStream is an MP3 Streaming Server which allows you to broadcast CD quality sound over the internet to dozens of listeners. Anyone with a direct connection to the internet can run their own radio station. You can run the server continuously without having to worry about maintenance because iStream takes care of all of that for you.

Pricing for iStream begins at US$16. You can find more information at the Arctic Software web site.