MP3's And The Mac Observer's Kyle D'Addario On MacOS Radio

Tonightis MacOS Radio broadcast will feature Pete Stoddart from K B Interactive and Jam Online, as well as our own Kyle DiAddario. Mr. Stoddart will be talking about the latest in cool technology, including portable MP3 players. Mr. DiAddario will give his two cents on a variety of Mac universe topics. According to MacOS Radio:

Pete Stoddart from K B Interactive and Jam Online will be on to talk about all of their really cool multimedia products, from cameras to MP3 players to website design tools. ?Check them out on the web at ?

Along with Pete, Kyle DiAddario from the Mac Observer will be on to talk about the iBook shortage, Apples new rebate programs, and other news in the Mac world.

After a small multitude of false starts, delays and telecommunications issues, the MacOS Radio Network is *extremely* pleased to announce that the project to more than quadruple the existing bandwidth available to the Network has now been completed. However, because the project was completed over a weekend, the decision has been made not to move the MacOS Radio broadcast server until *after* todayis broadcast (meaning the first broadcast with the increased availability will be next Monday, November 20). "Itis just the smart thing to do," said MacOS Radio President, Duane Burghard. "Thereis a great temptation, especially after all weive been through, to have "go fever" about it and to want to move the moment the new lines are hot, but if Internic didnit do their work in time ... well, it just wasnit worth the risk. Despite what some in the political world may believe, we donit share the feeling that waiting another day or two for something is going to substantively change the world."

You can tune into the MacOS Radio Network every Monday at 7:00PM EST at the MacOS Radio web site.