MR Stuff Brews Up A BeerMeister 2.0 Release

MR Stuff Software has released a new version of BeerMeister, bringing it to version 2.0. BeerMeister is a cataloging app designed for the management and searching of home beer brewing recipes. The latest version features a recipe creation guide and OS X support. According to MR Stuff Software:

MR Stuff Shareware has released version 2.0 of BeerMeister, a shareware beer recipe organizer designed to help homebrewers organize and create beer recipes.

BeerMeister is the easy way to organize your homebrewing recipes. Developed by a homebrewer for homebrewers, it is a full-featured database designed explicitly for the needs of brewers.

BeerMeister is fully searchable. You can search by name, style, difficulty, ingredients, etc. Search results can be exported, printed, or saved as editable text files for use in other documents or programs.

New Features in BeerMeister 2.0:

  • Recipe creation guide: Use the guide to help you create recipes for a variety of beer styles
  • Save to file: In addition to exporting tab-delimeted recipes, you can now save a recipe set as an editable text file for use in other documents or programs
  • Remembers last search/sort so the next time you start BeerMeister youire right back where you left off
  • Can now open more than one recipe database simultaneously. Recipes can be copied and pasted between databases
  • An OS X version (Carbon) is now available

You can find more information about the latest BeerMeister release at the MR Stuff Web Site. BeerMeister 2.0 is available for US$13.00.