MTV's Real World, Brand Spanking New, Total Request Live, & More

We have received several notes about Mac sightings on MTV, including a bit of contradictory commentary on the new season of The Real World. We also have notes about Undressed, Brand Spanking New, Total Request Live, and a video sighting. Without further ado, we bring you a note from Observer Patrick:


I have watched several seasons of MTVis Undressed and they always seem to have Macs in a few of the episodes. On Tuesday, there was an Indigo iBook on one of the characters desks. In the past the show has featured B&W G3s, all the iBooks except the Icebook, several colors of iMac, and a PowerBook G3 Wallstreet.


Observer Eric Carlson offered the following:

Dear Mac Observer,

While watching MTVis Brand Spanking New, I saw a purple iMac sitting in the room of Michelleis (I donit remember the last name, it was very early in morning) new video "Everywhere".

This is not exactly a siting but never the less interesting. I just recently bought my iMac (DV+ SE) from eBay in June. The buyer told me that he had only used it in some small movie making. I asked him more about it and he said that the iMac was used to do some of the cinematics for AI using iMovie. He had to go to the premier in LA so he had to ship it too me pretty quickly.


If you know the last name of "Michelle," let us know in the Comments below. Observer "Mr. Herring" has also been spending some time watching MTV:

On MTVis Total Request Live with Carson Daly, they have a Cube and plenty of flat panel displays. They USED to have no computer shown and SONY flat panels out, but obviously theyive gotten their act together.

Iim pretty sure that on The Real World X they have a 20th Anniversary Mac...

Oh, and the girl in my stats class has a G3.

Mr. Herring

Congrats on the girl in your stats class; let us know how that works out. Speaking of The Real World, Observer ij isnit so sure that he has seen a Mac in this season.

One thing I thought I could always count on was MTVis use of Macs for their Real World houses. Ever since theyive had enough presence of mind to include computers are part of the decor, they have always been the newest/hottest Macs.

This season however, Iive noticed a definite lack of Macs on the show (and the presence of some brand-less idesign-yi PC). Has any other reader made this comment?


If you can confirm or deny Mr. Herringis 20th Anniversary Mac, drop a note in the Comments. The same goes if you have noticed any other Macs in the new season.

Thanks to Observers Patrick, Eric, Mr. Herring, and ij for writing in! MTV has long been known to be a Mac stronghold, and these sightings confirm it. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.