MUG Center Has Tips To Help You Run A MUG

The MUG Center has updated their Web site with a list of course materials for their "User Group University" series. That series is aimed at helping Macintosh User Groups everywhere be more efficient and have a positive experience when dealing with Apple and vendors. According to The MUG Center:

The Weekis Front Page News At The MUG Center

MACWORLD EXPO: Several of the instructors from User Group University haveposted course materials or outlines from their sessions. More will beadded as they are received.

New links are being added to our Macworld Expo Photo Galleries page - themost recent ones include the Caracas Macintosh Users Group, MUG ONE andgoMUG. Send in the link to your page and get listed!

You can find a world of user group related information at The MUG Center Web site.