MUG Center News Briefs

The MUG Center has new information on MUG group activities in your backyard and worldwide. Here are some highlights from the MUG Center Web site:

The Weekis Front Page News At The MUG Center:

  • A MacCentral article reports on the formation of (site under construction) by created by InterMac of France and Gr.U.M.F. la Pomme sans Pépins of Belgium
  • Europe has become a hot bed of MUG activity! The MUGS in Spain are organizing an association for their organizations. The first major project for CAMPUSMAC will be a meeting of Spanish Mac users, scheduled for August 2002. Conferences, workgroups and other activities with a central focus on digital video are planned. Those involved in the creation of the organization include members of GUM Malaga and Macuarium

The Coming Week On The MUG Event Calendar:

  • September 20 - Appleis User Group Advisory Board Chat - World Without Borders
  • September 22 - "X Marks The Spot" Mac Computer Expo, Santa Rosa CA , hosted by North Coast Macintosh User Group

You can find more information about MUG groups in your area and around the world at the MUG Center Web site.

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