MUG Center News: News From Japan, European MUG Conference, Fund Roundup

We received a note from the MUG Center on updates for this weekis news. Thereis a lot of it this week, including news from Japan, information on a MUG Conference to happen in Europe this week (despite the cancellation of the Paris Apple Expo), some other events, and a roundup of information on the many charities that are helping in wake of last weekis terrorist attacks. From the MUG Center:

The Weekis Front Page News At The MUG Center
Chise Mishima of the Kinki Macintosh Users Group has been appointed as the Regional Liaison for Japan. Chise, a professional graphic designer, is a design and web specialist for Gaijins, a multimedia and web solutions corporation based in Osaka, Japan. She received advanced training in graphic design while attending university in Canada. Currently Chise is an active member of the KMUG executive team and often gives popular presentations on design, DTP, and the development of winning Web sites. Find out more about all of Appleis Regional Liaisons around the world and contact the team member representing your Region.

In spite of the cancellation of the Apple Expo in Paris, European MUG leaders are organizing a European Mac User Group Conference to be held on September 29th at the Hotel Ibis-Alesia, in Paris. Tentatively titled "The Phoenix Conference," it will feature an opportunity for all MUG leaders who already had tickets and plans to be in Paris to meet and discuss common issues and challenges. If interested, contact Michael Corgan at

The North Coast Macintosh User Groupis "X Marks The Spot" Macintosh Computer Expo," held this past Saturday, helped raise money for the Red Cross fund to aid victims of last weekis terrorist attack. For each dollar raised, NCMUG matched the donation, up to $500.

Chris Bastian, president of MetroMac in New York City, and Apple NorthEast User Group Regional Liaison, has responded to the many requests for information on how MUG members can provide aid following the tragic events in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Recommended options include:

  • The Red Cross
  • The Salvation Army
  • The United Way September 11th Fund
    2 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10016 USA
    Phone contributions: (800) 710-8002
  • The Twin Towers Fund
    General Post Office
    PO Box 26999
    New York, NY 10087-6999

The Coming Week On The MUG Event Calendar:

  • September 25
    MUG Center Chat - World Without Borders
    Topic: Finding and working with presenters
  • September 27
    LatinMUG Chat - World Without Borders
    Special Guest: Christian Figaro from Aldea[Mac] - Argentina
  • September 29
    MUG "Phoenix Conference" - Paris

You can find more information on all of these items at the MUG Centeris Web site.