MUG Center Takes A Look Back At MACWORLD

The MUG Center is looking for user made movies and pictures from the recent MACWORLD Expo. The best way to get a feel for what the show was about is often to see pictures taken from attendees, and the MUG Center is hoping to compile a list of links for those that want to take a look back at the show. According to the MUG Center:

Share the Macworld Expo/User Group University experience: Everyone takes pictures and video at Expo. Share yours by placing photos or iMovies on your web site, iDisk or anywhere else, then send us the link for our Macworld Expo/User Group University Photo & Video Gallery.

User Group University session materials are being added to the UGU Schedule page. Whether you were there or not, the presentations and information are invaluable to user group leaders everywhere. Available now are:

  • UGU Welcome: The Evolution of Macinotsh User Groups
  • Reinventing Your User Group
  • Small Event Planning
  • An Introduction To Insurance For Your MUG
  • Migrating MUG Services To The Web - A Case Study For Product Reviews
  • Stagnation & Motivation

The winners of the Adobe Newsletter & Web Site Contest at UGU have been announced. Winners include: Newsletters:

  • Princeton Macintosh User Group
  • Lewiston/Auburn Macintosh Users Group - Houston Area Apple User Group
  • Diablo Valley Mac User Group
  • Professional MUG of NE Indiana
  • North Coast MUG
  • AppleWorks Users Group
  • Huntsville Macintosh Users Group
  • Santa Fe MUG
  • Professional MUG of NE Indiana
  • Hershey Apple Core
  • Minnesota Apple Computer User Group

USER GROUP UNIVERSITY UPDATE: The UGU Class of July 2001 Yearbook is online! (Yes, we know it is large, but it is worth it.) See the faces and backgrounds of the leaders in the MUG community who attended the largest UGU yet.

The Coming Week On The MUG Event Calendar:

August 1
User Group Focus - The Mac Show
Guest: Bill Medlow of The Long Island Macintosh User Group
Prizes by Casady & Greene and Aladdin

August 2
BuxMont Macintosh User Group -MacOS X presentation by Kevin Boland of Apple

You can find more information about these upcoming events at the MUG Center Web site.