MUG News - More MWSF News & Lots Of MUG Events

The MUG Center has updated its Web site once again, and we have another week of many events and lots of news. There is new information on MUG presence at MACWORLD San Francisco, and many other events. From The MUG Center:

The Weekis Front Page News At The MUG Center

MACWORLD SF UPDATE: The Western Region Macintosh User Groups Booth, Booth 2345 in the South Hall of the Moscone Center, will be the official presence for Macintosh User Groups on the Macworld Expo show floor. A distinguished group of MUGs will represent the community, including:

  • Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group
  • MacNexus
  • Maui Apple Users Society
  • North Coast Macintosh Users Group
  • Sonoma Valley Computer Group
  • Standford/Palo Alto Macintosh User Group

There will also be a special section for four university MUGs, leaders in the on-campus Macintosh User Group movement, including:

  • Apple Student Core @ Emory
  • Arizona State Macintosh User Group
  • Boston University Macintosh Users Group
  • Colorado State Macintosh Users Group

World Without Borders, the largest Mac chat site on the Web, will also be in the booth to chat online live from the show floor with Macintosh User Group leaders, celebrities, and those making news at this yearis Macworld Conference & Expo.

Apple Regional Liaison Update: Heidi Kreiner-Ley (Canada), Yuan-Yuan Sun (Central Europe) and Amaya Gergoff (Latin America) have updated their RLT Report pages. Find out what is happening elsewhere in the world and get ideas for activities your MUG can be involved in!

Bus Trips To Macworld: Many MUGs travel in groups to Macworld Expos. Others would like to arrange such events but donit know where to start. Washington Apple Pi has provided us with How To Organize A Macworld Bus Trip, a step-by-step guide (in PDF format) to planning and executing a successful trek for you and your group. While geared toward Macworld Expo, you can learn several tips and tricks on the details to make any activity of this nature a guaranteed success.

The Kinki Macintosh User Group in Osaka has posted a photo gallery of their Christmas Party on their web site. Looks like everyone had a great time, including Santa.

The Coming Week On The MUG Event Calendar:

  • December 18 MacNexus - Guest Speaker Guy Kawasaki
  • December 19 User Group Focus on The Mac Show
  • December 20
    • Appleis Volunteer MUG Teams Chat - World Without Borders
    • Oklahoma City PC User Group - Appleis Presentation of MacOS X 10.1

You can find out more information on all of these events at the MUG Centeris Web site.