MaBaSoft Releases New Beta Version Of Euro Assistant Pro

MaBaSoft has released a new beta version of Euro Assistant Pro, bringing it to version 2.6b1. Euro Assistant Pro is a utility designed for daily currency rate conversion. The latest beta version features improved performance and compatibility. According to MaBaSoft:

MaBaSoft releases Euro Assistant Pro 2.6b1.

Euro Assistant Pro is a currency converter directed to both European and non-European users. Euro Assistant Pro updates exchange rates over the Internet, logs, prints, saves and exports your conversions, imports and automatically converts series of amounts, calculates and converts the result of algebraic expressions.

Classic & Mac OS X version:

Due to a problem with OANDA which caused Euro Assistant Pro to be unable to update rates automatically, the use of OANDAis Foreign Exchange Protocol and Foreign Exchange Currency Converter has been dropped.

Euro exchange rates can now be updated automatically using either the Daily euro foreign exchange reference rates published by the European Central Bank or the Daily Noon Rates published by the Bank of Canada.

Mac OS X version:

An incompatibility with Mac OS X 10.2 or later which caused Euro Assistant Pro to open as an empty window and not to respond when the Update rates at startup preference was checked has been fixed. Euro Assistant Pro can now update rates automatically at startup on Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

You can find more information about the Euro Assistant Pro beta release at the MaBaSoft Web site. Euro Assistant Pro is available for US$15.00.