MaBaSoft Updates Application Wizard With Several Enhancements

MaBaSoft has released an update for Application Wizard, bringing it to version 1.3. Application Wizard is utility designed for faster app management within OS X. The update features several enhancements including application customization and bug fixes. According to MaBaSoft:

MaBaSoft releases Application Wizard 1.3.

Application Wizard makes working with applications on Mac OS X easier and quicker. Application Wizard lets you open, quit, show and hide single applications or groups of applications.

With Application Wizard you can also force applications to quit and relaunch them, start and stop Classic, relaunch the Finder and the Dock, log out, put your computer to sleep, restart it and shut it down.

Whatis new in Application Wizard 1.3?

  • Application Wizard lets you now customize applications
  • Application Wizard lets you now hide the applications belonging to a groups when it is opened automatically at startup
  • The applications belonging to a group can now be changed and their paths can be fixed
  • On Mac OS X 10.3 Application Wizard now displays the current useris name and picture in the Log Out command of the Special menu
  • An incompatibility with Mac OS X 10.3 causing some preference panes and applications to be listed twice in the System Preferences and Mac OS X Applications Folder submenus of the Open menu has been fixed
  • A bug which could cause the Application Wizard preference pane to crash when loaded has been fixed
  • A bug which could cause Application Wizard to crash when the Dock Applications submenu of the Open menu was displayed has been fixed
  • A bug which could cause edited application names to be incorrectly displayed in the Open menu has been fixed
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed and minor improvements have been introduced

You can find more information about the Application Wizard update at the MaBaSoft Web site. Application Wizard is available for US$15.00.