Mac-to-Mac File Transfer Utility Updated

Five Speed Software has released an update for iGet, bringing the utility to version 1.1.1. iGet is a "zero-setup" Mac-to-Mac file transfer utility intended to make transferring files easier than FTP, SFTP, and other such solutions. Though the update is a .1 release, it includes both bug fixes and enhanced keyboard navigation features.

Specifically, the update includes the following:

  • File Transfers: skipping a conflicting package would not work in certain cases
  • File Transfers: skipping conflicts would prevent non-conflicting items from being transferred in certain cases
  • File Transfers: very large number of conflicting items could prevent uploads from completing
  • File Transfers: minor improvements to interface when handling conflicts
  • Files List: "Go to Folder" feature now accepts relative paths
  • Connection Dialog: Keyboard navigation order with Tab key was incorrect
  • Documentation: minor improvements

You can find more information on the product at Five Speed Softwareis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full is priced at US$24.95.