Mac.Ars Technica "Takes On Apple's Quality Control"

Ars Technicais Mac sections, Mac.Ars, has published an interesting and thought-provoking piece by Eric Bangeman on some of the recent glitches in Appleis game plan. Problems with Mac OS X 10.2.8, the problems with iTunes 4.1 for Windows, the more recent issues with some FireWire drives and Panther...Mac.Ars looks at these problems, and discusses the ramifications and possible danger to Apple they pose. From Mac.Ars:

As I said earlier, everyone ships software and hardware with bugs at some point. So why devote an entire column to Appleis maladies?

Hereis why: at a point in time where Apple is more strongly-positioned than any other time in the last decade, they are shooting themselves in the foot by releasing products without thorough quality assurance testing. Panther is a strong OS. In fact, itis the most enterprise-friendly OS release Apple has ever shipped. Panther Server offers a host of features that make it a realistic option for the enterprise and both Panther and Appleis hardware are getting unprecedented attention from IT departments and the tech press. However, if you are responsible for the IT infrastructure of your business, are you going to be willing to put your professional reputation on the line by bringing in a new platform if you see reports of data loss or loss of functionality with a simple OS update?

Thereis more in the full article, and we recommend it as a thought-provoking read.