Is (Not) Dead! Long Live MacAddict! (Farewell Rich Pizor)

Today we say goodbye to Rich Pizor, the editor of, MacAddictis online presence. We have worked with Rich for much of the last year, and we are sad to hear he is leaving. From Richis resignation letter:

Thereis going to be some changes with; I canit tell you what, mostly because I donit know myself. David Reynolds and the rest will still put out the best damn magazine on the planet, and Niko will still be around to make sure the site doesnit disappear overnight. And Iill see what I can do about sneaking in the occasional rant or review.

Meanwhile, I want to say thanks to all of you. The joy of putting your writing were 20,000 people see it every day is that yiall donit miss a thing. Your questions, comments, and criticisms have helped me sharpen my own skills and reshape my thinking about this industry. No amount of thanks can ever cover that.

His resignation letter has prompted some nasty rumors that itself is going the way of, but this is not true. MacAddict magazine is thriving, and the Web site is more likely simply going to be scaled back. From a post from the site today:

The reality is this: is scaling back, and, unfortunately, Rich got caught in that. Heis been a solid editor for us for a year now, and itis hard to see him go. We wish him the best, and we suspect that heill be popping up now and then. Niko Coucouvanis will continue to work as MacAddict Web master and Nali War Cow.

So what does this mean for the site? is not going away, but we will be changing some things. Well, weire going to be looking at what we do well, dropping what we donit do particularly well. Weill still have original content (not just magazine articles hosted on the site), and Niko, who has been with for a few years now, will now be working under the magazine editors.

As for the magazine, weive never been healthier. Our circulation continues to climb and business is good, so we donit plan on going anywhere for a long, long time.

Farewell Rich, and the best of luck!