MacAmp Lite X Update Features Plugins Power Pack Addition

Subband Software has released an update for MacAmp Lite X, bringing it to version 1.1. MacAmp Lite X is a media player designed for playing and broadcasting MP3 audio files. The update features performance enhancements including an updated Plugins Power Pack and bug fixes. According to Subband Software:

Subband Software has just updated MacAmp Lite X (MaltX) to v1.1.0!

This free update adds many new features, in addition to fixing a few outstanding bugs. MacAmp Lite still uses far less CPU than other audio apps, and saves on screen space as well. From MacAmp Liteis compact player window, which floats above other applications, users are able to maintain complete control using standard controls, as well as a full playlist menu.

MacAmp Lite is also the best broadcasting solution on OS X, with the addition of the Plugins Power Pack and plugins such as Broadcast and Voiceover. With MacAmp Lite, a professional quality MP3 broadcast can be heard by listeners all over the world, and it can be set up in under 10 minutes.

Subbandis Plugins Power Pack, which comes as part of the MaltX trial, has also been updated. The Plugins Power Pack enables features for the power user, including Broadcasting to SHOUTCast/IceCast servers, several different encoding plugins, and much more.

Key Features of the 1.1 Update:

  • Automagic CD Loading
  • New Analyzer Plugins! Small visuals for MaltX, including VU meters, and Menu Bar meters!
  • Newly adjustable net and disk caches
  • Aiff Carbon Copy! Make an AIFF copy of any audio played through MaltX
  • Transparent Internet Version Checking System
  • Improved Streaming Support
  • Unicode ID3 support

You can find more information about the MacAmp Lite X update at the Subband Software Web site. The update is free, while the full version of MacAmp Lite X 1.1 is available for US$12.00.