MacBook Owners See Yellowish Stains Around Keyboard Area

Some owners of the new MacBook have found yellowish stains appearing around the keyboard area of their laptops, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. A forum topic discussing the subject on Appleis support site was locked down, and the Web site claimed that employees at the companyis stores are swapping out the MacBooks when they begin to show signs of the discoloration.

"My MacBook is three weeks old and looks as though Iive been using it for three years and rubbing my hands in turmeric each day (okay, a slight exaggeration). Everything else about my MacBook has been fantastic, and Iim really, really happy with it; but I am appalled that it gets discoloured so easily," said one person on Appleis support site.

The Web site has photos of several stained MacBooks. The siteis owner said that his MacBook showed signs of the discoloration within 1.5 to 2 weeks after receiving it.

An example of a stained MacBook