MacBook Pro Owner Experiences MagSafe Meltdown

MacBook Pro owner Rogier Mulder, who lives in the Netherlands, recently discovered that the MagSafe power adapter on his new computer had caught fire while he was away. Apple has issued a replacement and is investigating what happened, but the company also asked him to remove photos of the damage from the Flickr photo-sharing Web site.

Wiredis "Cult of Mac" blog, however, has posted the photos, which wound up on a Dutch Mac enthusiast Web site before Mr. Mulder removed them. Mr. Mulder said this on the Flickr page that now hosts distorted versions of the images: "The reason for this is that Apple, after dealing with this issue, kindly requested me to remove the pictures at least until their engineers had a change to investigate this issue. Since Apple support has been very helpful and already is getting me a new Macbook asap, Iim happy to answer their request."

He added: "For those whose immediate reaction is along the lines of icensorshipi and other big words: I donit care."

According to Ars Technica (thanks to Macworld UK for the link), Mr. Mulder originally said of the incident: "Thank god the cats disconnected the Macbook pro during the day (they were probably chasing each other and tripped over the wire)." That led to comments on Flickr suggesting that cat urine had somehow caused the meltdown, but Mr. Mulder only had this to say in response to the speculation: "They could not tell me anything on the cause and I wonder if Iill ever know."

There is currently no evidence that this is anything more than an isolated incident, but The Mac Observer will post an update if more information comes to light. Apple never publicly comments on such matters.

The melted MagSafe connector