MacBrowse Adds Valentia Support To FutureBASIC

MacBrowse has updated their FutureBASIC plug-in that allows FutureBASIC programmers to use the popular Valentia database system in their applications. FutureBASIC is a powerful development environment for the Mac OS, and MacBrowseis DataShell allows users to take full advantage of Valentiais database connectivity. According to MacBrowse:

MacBrowse is proud to announce the availability of DataShell 1.2, a driver solution that allows FutureBASIC^3 developers to use Valentina XCMD, an object-relational, SQL-powered database engine, in their applications.

DataShell 1.2 features an improved parameter cache system and is slightly faster than previous versions.

FutureBASIC, from Staz Software (, is an award winning development environment for the Apple Macintosh, based on the popular BASIC language. Thanks to DataShell, the wait for a FutureBASIC-enabled database engine is over. DataShell is very easy to use, no complex project setup or hard to learn syntax. You will be creating database applications from scratch in a very short period of time.

"FutureBASIC is a favorite for creating small, extremely fast applications on the Macintosh platform. However no major database vendor has stepped up to the plate to provide a database solution that works with FutureBASIC. DataShell enables FutureBASIC developers to create extremely fast database-driven applications", said Sylvain Guillemette, developer of DataShell.

DataShell is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at the MacBrowse Web site.