MacCandy Updates MacMaid With Menu Enhancements, Bug Fixes

MacCandy has released an update for MacMaid, rbinging it to version 1.1. MacMaid is a desktop cleaning utility designed as a one-click download organizer. The update features window and menu enhancements, as well as several bug fixes. According to MacCandy:

MacCandy today released MacMaid 1.1, adding features such as a new rule-based cleaning system, multiple cleaning folders, cleaning schedules and tons of bug fixes.

Designed exclusively for Mac OS X, MacMaid deserves a special place in your dock. By using toolbars, smooth resizing and no confusing custom controls we know that MacMaid will deliver a great user experience

MacMaid 1.1 replaces miniature view with a new dock menu which goes with the aqua human guidelines better. The log window has been merged into the mainwindow so the interface is a single window now. We have fixed 3 major bugs with MacMaid, some that prevented files from being deleted the first time around.

Using MacMaid 1.1 will make you feel like a programmer but gives you the ease of use of Mail rules. Just click the plus button and a menu pops up showing you all your different options. You can launch, delete or move your files all with the click of a button.

You can find more information about the MacMaid release at the MacCandy Web site. MacMaid is available for US$7.00.