MacCards Wants Your Feedback, Considers Limited Edition "Just Think" Line

Mac users are always looking for a little bit of humor to be had, especially at the fun of Microsoft or even Apple themselves. MacCards ran a popular line of "Just Think" cards, an obvious spin of Appleis own "Think Different" campaign. After a long absence, user demand has made MacCards consider a limited time return of the popular line. They are, however, looking for your input. According to MacCards:

I just wanted to send you a quick email to inform you of a iButterfly Balloti that is currently underway at the website.

The reason for the poll is to see if members of the Mac community want to see the site make a fleeting return with some Special Edition iJust thinki ecards through the month of December.

As I have explained on the site, this poll is in place because of the sheer number of people who have emailed me, especially in the last few weeks, asking whether I have any plans for the site to make a return.

The proposed new cards are somewhat of a cheeky iin jokei within the Mac community, and were created some time ago. Despite the timing, the cards are not specifically Christmas cards, but the proposal is that the cards will be online JUST for the month of December.

The poll was opened on Saturday to members of the MacCards/EyeCards mailing list and from early indications it seems that those people at least, would like to see the site return for one last swan song. As yet I havenit voted because I still canit decide if the cards are truly iMacCardsi.

No doubt Apple will release there own iCards for Christmas, just as I plan to release some EyeCards for the holiday season. However, I couldnit simply ignore the many requests I have had to do something with MacCards for December.

If you are interested, head on over to the MacCards web site and put in your two cents worth.