MacCentral Looks at Spike TV's Mac Connections

When Spike TV needed to work on promo spots with a tight budget and only two editors, the projectis lead chose Macintosh computers, according to a MacCentral report. Coming from a Mac and PC background, Spike TV Executive Producer and Director John Papola knew that Macs were going to allow him to do the best work for the least money.

Mr. Papola chose Macs in part because of their reliability, something he named as important for keeping to a schedule.

"When youire in college, building and working on a computer is fun, but when you get past working on your computer and you want to use the computer to do other things, that whole system starts to collapse," Mr. Papola told MacCentral.

Mr. Papola also commented on how frequent starts with Windows-based systems can ruin workflow, especially when working under deadline, which is common with many promo projects. That kind of problem, he said, "just doesnit happen as frequently on the Mac."

His production team works on promo spots for the cable networkis football spots, and uses Power Mac G5s and Appleis Final Cut Pro HD for the majority of its editing work.

The full story at MacCentral details more of Mr. Papolais reasons for working with Macs, and we recommend it as an interesting read.