Hosting Apple Remote Desktop 2 In-Depth Webcast Today has announced an Apple Remote Desktop 2 In-Depth Webcast for today, Tuesday, at 1:00 PM EDT. The presenters and moderators are all Apple Computer employees, and the purpose of the Webcast is to explain the new features in Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 (ARD).

The description as posted by the site:

After a brief overview of the changes included in the recent Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 update by Nader Nafissi, this session will focus on several in depth examples of how Apple Remote Desktop 2 can be extended to provide advanced capabilities that can help address your desktop management needs.

First, Tony Graham will discuss how to centrally install Apple Remote Desktop to Macintosh computers on your network. Tony will also provide an example on how to leverage the built in SQL database in Apple Remote Desktop to track changes of your Macintosh computer configurations over a period of time.

Next, Steve Hayman will discuss how to use UNIX command line tools with Apple Remote Desktop 2is Send UNIX command to discover and modify various system settings of your networked Macintosh computers. Using these tools, Steve will also discuss how you can automate the software update process for your Macintosh systems.

Last but not least, Mike Bombich will discuss how to streamline mass deployments of Macintosh computers using the built in SQL database in Apple Remote Desktop 2 and PHP scripting.

You can find more information on the webcast at The running time of the event is 90 minutes. The group also noted that the broadcast ID for the event has been changed to "macenterprise."