MacFixIt's Ted Landau To Offer Seminar On Mac OS X/Jaguar

MacFixItis Ted Landau and Complete Mac Seminaris are working together to provide a series of seminars on Mac OS X. The seminars are being named after Mr. Landauis book, Mac OS X Disaster Relief, which conveniently makes the seminars called the "Mac OS X Disaster Relief Seminar." The seminars are two day events, and include detailed information on fixing Mac OS X. From the seminar Web page:

With Mac OS X, everyone is a beginner: Whether you are a first-time iMac owner or a longtime Apple veteran, working with Mac OS X is a whole-new experience. But the new Mac OS doesnit mean that you can set aside your troubleshooting skills--or that you donit have to learn new ones. From installing Appleis new operating system to getting network access, Mac OS X has new ways of doing things--and new ways for things to go south. Where do you turn when things stop working?

For tried-and-true Mac OS troubleshooting techniques, there is no more respected authority than Ted Landau. His MacFixIt Web site is the primary first-aid station for Mac users in trouble, and his best-selling Sad Macs, Bombs, and Other Disasters (now in its fourth edition) is the gold standard for solving Mac OS 9 problems. Now he uses his troubleshooting know-how with Appleis revolutionary operating system, Mac OS X.

What You Will Learn

  • How to diagnose, recover from, and prevent system crashes
  • About Mac OS Xis invisible files, and how they can help you solve a variety of problems
  • How to use third-party troubleshooting utilities
  • The smart way to install and reinstall Mac OS X
  • Troubleshooting techniques for printing glitches
  • About Mac OS Xis networking capabilities--for both local networks and the Internet
  • Problem-solving strategies for maintaining a dual-system (Mac OS X and the Classic) environment
  • How to navigate Mac OS Xis high-powered Unix foundation

The first seminar will be held in Chicago on October 8th. A second seminar will be held in New York on October 12th, with more to be scheduled some time in 2003. The seminars are priced at US$399, and you can find more information at Complete Mac Seminarsi Web site.