MacHack Recruiting Student Volunteers

MacHack has announced that the 50 reduced price slots for students have been filled for the upcoming conference. However, there are still options for students gaining access to the show at reduced pricing by volunteering. Volunteers will have access to the show by working behind the scenes in several positions, and for their help, reduced admission prices are available. According to MacHack:

As MacHack has grown in popularity and legend, so has the $50 discounted student registration. Limited to 50, the last 3 years has seen that maximum reached earlier and earlier. Now, a full week ahead of 2001, MacHack is delighted that student response has been strong enough to fill the 50 discounted positions.

Students who havenit yet registered but still want to attend can still get access to the conference for less than the full conference admission price by working as volunteers.

MacHack is always in need of volunteers to aid with all aspects of the behind the scenes operation of the conference. Students specifically are welcome to take advantage of this and gain access to the conference by trading isweat equityi for conference admission.

You can find more information about volunteering for MacHack at the MacHack Web site.