MacMedia Ships New Nokia Phone Utility

MacMedia is shipping a new app for Mac users, PhoneDirector 1.0. PhoneDirector is a utility designed for Nokia 6230 mobile phone owners. The app features support for phone sync and internal phone information management via Bluetooth wireless connections. According to MacMedia:

MacMedia announced the release of version 1.0 of PhoneDirector for Mac OS X - the complete solution for Nokia 6230 mobile phone.

PhoneDirector is a tool for Phonebook, SMS, Gallery, Calendar and Wap management of Nokia 6230.

Main features:

  • Phonebook editing, uploading, deleting, backup, export (extended phonebook supported - 5 numbers and 5 texts for each entry)
  • SMS reading from the phone, sending, replying, forwarding, deleting, archiving
  • Downloading and uploading pictures, sounds and videos from/to the phone
  • Adding and editing calendar notes in the phone
  • Uploading Java applications to the phone
  • Setting phone radio channels from the computer
  • Editing phone Wap bookmarks
  • Writing notes and uploading them to the phone
  • Bluetooth connection

You can find more information about the PhoneDirector release at the MacMedia Web site. PhoneDirector is available for US$29.95.