MacMinute Will Live On at MacTech and Macsimumnews

MacTech Magazine and jointly announced on Friday that MacMinuteis tradition will be preserved with two new news options: MacTechis Community News Scan, and In addition, the MacMinute Cafe will continue and be moved to MacTech servers. Also, the MacMinute archives will be preserved and hosted by MacTech as well.

Neil Ticktin, the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of MacTech Magazine, told TMO that with the passing of Stan Flack in April (founder of both MacMinute and MacCentral), his family has determined that the site cannot continue.

"Stan worked so diligently to create and maintain a site concerning Mac related news, even throughout his terminal illness," said his sister, Julie (Flack) McKenna. "We are honored that others continue that which Stan began. We feel that the needs of the Mac community can be serviced well by both MacTech and MacsimumNews. Stan spoke of them both often, and Iim certain that Stan would be honored to have them carry on his work. Because of Neil Ticktin and Dennis Sellers, MacMinuteis traditions, archives and forums will live on, and we sincerely appreciate their willingness, tenacity and long hours to help me make this happen."

Mr. Ticktin added: "Stan was a true pioneer in Mac media, and will be missed. While MacMinute cannot continue, we wanted to find a way for his legacy to live on and to remember Stan. Itis been our privilege and honor to assist Stanis sister Julie, and to give MacMinuteis readers and forum users a path that keeps Stanis traditions alive."

According to Mr. Ticktin, former MacMinute readers can see samples of what both the MacTech News Scanner and MacsimumNews have to offer, as well more information on the announcement, at (