MacMusic Online Directory Posted

MacMusic has announced the posting of the online member directory at the MacMusic Web site. The MacMusic Web site is a community devoted to Macintosh audio professionals, and is designed to bring people together to share advice and discuss the changing world of Macintosh audio. The directory features around 4,000 audio professionals including musicians and labels. According to MacMusic:

MacMusic has just put online its incredible members directory, which includes around 4000 contacts: musicians, technicians, labels, developers and more, creating a unique network of professionals that all exercise their art on Macs. Note that itis the biggest available directory on the Web to date!

The aim of this directory is to allow a close and efficient collaboration between Macmusicians, to create and tighten links in this community of professionals and zealots. It allows one to find the necessary skills to realize or finalize projects, to create and work in a common technologic environment, and creates unlimited potential for all its members.

This directory proposes a very simple classification based on categories and subcategories. It comprises 3 primary categories: Music Industry, Musicians, and Technicians, each of which are then divided into subcategorie. The directory provides a detailed form on the specifics of each member, including (but not limited to) country, name, age, profile, link to website, and location. This constitutes an effective and simple classification leaving the answers you seek just a click away.

You can find more information about the online member directory at the MacMusic Web site.