MacMusic To Distribute A New Plug-In has announced a partnership for software distribution with Dragan Petrovic. To kick off the partnership, MacMusic will distribute a VST compatible plug-in called DR-Verb. According to is proud to distribute the lastest Macintosh shareware released by Dragan Petrovic: DR-Verb v1.1.

DR-Verb, a new VST compatible plug-in, is a high quality Reverb which emulates any room from small rooms to "Hall" or "Church" large rooms. Thanks to its large number of controls and to its EQ section, this reverb can also be used to produce strange ambiences or even FX sounds. Just play with the parameters and experiment by yourself.

As the author (Dragan Petrovic) made a great programming work, this plug-in only uses about 30% of the CPU on a G3-300 (in the "FULL" mode with 3 bands Parametric EQ.) which is really small for a complex reverb algorythm.

It has been tested fully compatible with Cubase (Steinberg), Logic Audio (Emagic), Spark (TC Work) and Peak (Bias).

DR-Verb is available for free. You can find more information at