MacOS Radio To Talk Rumors

MacOS Radio, the new Mac-centric radio station, is gearing up for their second broadcast later today. MacOS Radio will feature Ryan Meader, the author of MacOS Rumors, and the focal point of contriversy as of late. According to MacOS Radio:

The second broadcast of the MacOS Radio Network will begin tomorrow at a special time, 3:55 pm Eastern Time (the time change is to accomodate host and guest travel to MacWorld ... the broadcast will return to its regular time of 6:55 pm Eastern Time next week).

The broadcast will include Gretchen Steckel, Channel Manager for QPS Inc. and Ryan Meader, CEO of Black Light Media (and author of the MacOS Rumors website).

Please join us and/or encourage your viewership to do the same. We had a great first show last week with some impressive numbers. We hope (with your help) to do even better on the 17th. The broadcast can be streamed live at:

You can tune in at the MacOS Radio web site.