MacPlay Announces Baldur's Gate II Preorder Special

MacPlay has announced a special deal for those that preorder the forthcoming game title, Balduris Gate II: Shadows Of Amn. Balduris Gate II has won a number of awards on the PC side, and those that order the game now can get special pricing on other MacPlay titles. According to MacPlay:

MacPlay today officially relaunched its website to the public at The site is MacPlays official presence on the Internet, and features information about MacPlays exciting lineup of award-winning entertainment software for Macintosh computers.

In conjunction with the upcoming release of Balduris Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the website offers visitors worldwide an opportunity to take advantage of MacPlayis preorder special. The offer allows customers who preorder Balduris Gate II at the introductory price of $49.99, to purchase additional MacPlay products at promotional prices. In addition, customers within the U.S. will receive free shipping and handling, while a minimal charge of $15 will be applied to all international customers. All preorders will also include a FREE Balduris Gate II for Macintosh Collectoris Edition Bonus Disc containing promotional art, character portraits, .mp3 audio files, concept art and much more.

The website also features a news area for development updates, announcements, and newsletters. MacPlay will update the news area frequently with the latest news and other info. Additionally the support area contains helpful technical support information culled from genuine solutions to common technical problems, as well as a place to download the latest patches and other goodies.

Balduris Gate II: Shadows of Amn was named Game of the Year by MSNBC and Game Industry News, as well as RPG of the Year by GameSpot. The game is the latest chapter in the mythic saga that continues the much-loved Balduris Gate storyline. The Forgotten Realms( adventure ensues along the southern portion of the Sword Coast in the merchant kingdom of Amn. This region includes such diverse environments as the Forests of Tethyr, the Cloudpeak Mountains, the Drow cities of the Underdark, and the Capital City of Amn, Athkatla. Developed by BioWare, the same team responsible for Balduris Gate, and converted to the Macintosh by MumboJumbo, Balduris Gate II features an incredibly detailed design and story with a highly engrossing plot showcasing immersive environments and dynamic characters that will thrill and engage players throughout the span of the game.

Users may preorder Balduris Gate II for US$49.95. You can find more information at the newly relaunched MacPlay Web site.