MacPlay Now Shipping MindRover For The Mac

MacPlay is now shipping MindRover for the Mac platform. MindRover is a strategy/simulator game where users create intelligent robotic vehicles and then test the designs in battle. The game features 3D first person gameplay and an extensive choice of custom parameters for the robots. According to MacPlay:

MindRover takes gamers to Europa, one of Jupiteris moons, in an intriguing new title designed to bring intellectual challenges back to competitive gaming.

We have introduced a game that smashes the traditional genre boundaries; we call it "3D strategy/programming." With an immersive 3D environment, a compelling soundtrack, and its innovative graphical wiring system, MindRover asks the gamer to think more and twitch less.

The action takes place in a research station on the ice-locked moon Europa, where the gas giant Jupiter dominates the sky. Players build robotic "rovers" with parts found in the lab and program the machines for a variety of behaviors. They then pit their creations against each other in one of four types of competitions: races, sports, battles, and puzzles.

Players create different types of rovers to succeed in different types of events. Small, quick robots with good collision detection are sure bets to win races and puzzles while large, lumbering robots bristling with weapons can be counted on in the sports and battle arenas. The game features a physics system that produces realistic results when two-or more-rovers smack into each other during a contest.

You can find more information about the MindRover release at the MacPlay Web site. MindRover is available for US$29.99.