MacPlay Releases Multiplayer Support (In Beta) For Sacrifice

The good folks at MacPlay have announced the beta release of a new version of Sacrifice. The biggest feature in this new release is the long-looked for multiplayer support. The company also says that there is improved performance for the game in the release. From MacPlay:

We have Multiplayer support for Sacrifice!

To ensure that we live up to our promises, MacPlay is releasing a beta version of the Multiplayer patch for Sacrifice. Keep in mind that it is a BETA. We chose to release this patch in beta form because we know how many people are eagerly awaiting multiplayer capabilities within Sacrifice.  The following details how to install the patch and provides a list of what the patch adds to Sacrifice.

Changes to this version:

  • Multiplayer support through GameRanger now active.
  • Minor speed and stability improvements.
  • This is an unsupported beta version.

Known Issues:

  • LAN button is inactive at this time.

You can find the beta release at MacPlayis downloads section. You can get more information about Sacrifice at MacPlayis Web site.

Spin: This is good news for fans of Sacrifice, and kudos to MacPlay for releasing this version as soon as they could.