MacPrime Ships New File Utility

MacPrime has released a new app for Mac users called FileMatic. FileMatic is a utility designed for automated file management. The utility features nine Operations including AppleScript Runner and Finder Operations. According to MacPrime:

MacPrime today introduced FileMatic, a revolutionary new application that automates tedious file tasks and consolidates your utility library. FileMatic offers an intuitive and powerful environment for collecting files, and executing an expandable set of Operations on those files.

The program ships with nine Operations, including AppleScript Runner, Archiver, Disc Burner, Finder Operations, Mailer, Permissions, Rename, Split And Join, and Type Creator. These powerful modules provide a wide range of capabilities from complex file renames to multi-destination copies.

Users can apply Operations individually, or graphically combine them into one-click Scripts. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, users can add third-party Operations, or develop their own using the Cocoa-based FileMatic SDK (available in early June).

The application’s open design enables it to deliver a virtually unlimited level of utility.

You can find more information about the FileMatic at the MacPrime Web site. FileMatic is available for US$24.99.