MacResQ Announces G3 Polarizer Screen Repair

MacResQ has announced a new program for PowerBook users. The new service is designed for damaged G3 PowerBook polarizer screens. The service offers quick turnaround and a PowerPad screen pretector for extended safety. According to MacResQ:

MacResQ announced today a new PowerBook G3 screen repair service as part of their PowerBookResQ repair program.

The new service offers PowerBook G3 owners an affordable way to replace their scarred screen polarizers with PowerBookResQis famous quick turnaround and convenience.

Soon after the first G3 "Wallstreet" PowerBooks were released in 1998, users noticed distracting markson their LCD screens after a short period of use. These marks result from the LCD screen coming into contact with the PowerBookis keyboard when the lid is closed. Oil from the useris fingertips transfers from the keyboard to the screen, leaving the unsightly marks.

If a PowerBook user doesnit clean the screen regularly, these oils penetrate the ultra-thin protective cover on the screen known as the polarizer. Once the polarizer has been damaged in this way, the marks are permanent and affect the quality of the screen and the PowerBook.

You can find more information about the screen repair at the MacResQ Web site. The G3 polarizer repair service is available for US$299.00.