MacResQ Announces PowerBook SuperDrive Upgrade Program

MacResQ has announced a new PowerBook G4 "SuperDrive" upgrade program. The program is designed for replacing the built-in CD-RW or DVD with a slot loading DVD-R/CD-RW "SuperDrive". According to MacResQ:

MacResQ announced today a new PowerBook G4 "SuperDrive" upgrade as part of their PowerBookResQ repair program.

The new service offers PowerBook G4 owners an affordable way to upgrade their G4 PowerBook with a DVD/CD burner with PowerBookResQis famous 24-hour turnaround and nationwide convenience.

Owners of the PowerBook G4/400-1GHz can now easily replace their built-in CD-RW-only or DVD-only drive with a drive that can burn CDis and DVDis that can be played in most consumer CD/DVD players.

The slot-loading "SuperDrive" DVD-R/CD-RW is bootable and compatible with Appleis Mac OS X, OS 9, iDVD, iTunes, Disc Burner, and Apple DVD Player, as well as other third party applications. The drive reads at 24x, writes CD-R at 16x, writes CD-RW at 8x, and writes DVD-R/RW at 1x.

You can find more information about the PowerBook G4 "SuperDrive" service at the MacResQ Web site. The PowerBook G4 "SuperDrive" upgrade program is available for US$399.00.