MacResQ Launches Nationwide Mac Pick-Up & Repair Service

Our friends at MacResQ have launched a new repair service for Macs called PowerMacResQ. With the service, the company will overnight a box for your Mac, have the box picked up and overnighted back to MacResQ, diagnose it, fix it (assuming you wish it repaired after the diagnosis), and overnight it back to you. Thereis a US$129 fee for the service (not including any related repair fees), which is available nationwide (in the US). The program is similar to the companyis existing PowerBookResQ program. From MacResQ:

MacResQ announced today the launch of a unique new nationwide repair service for Macintosh PowerMac and iMac computers. The service, known as PowerMacResQ, will provide Mac users throughout the United States with a source for 24-hour repairs on their computers.

The PowerMacResQ program offers fast, safe, and reasonably priced repairs for PowerMac owners. Customers start by visiting or calling the toll-free number, 1-866-Mac-Repair. After just a few questions, MacResQ dispatches a custom-designed "PowerBox", built to insure safe transit for all PowerMacs and iMacs, via overnight courier to the customer. Upon receipt of the empty PowerBox, the customer simply slides their PowerMac into the container and attaches a pre-printed shipping label. A quick, toll-free phone call brings a courier to the customeris location for overnight shipping back to MacResQis service center. A MacResQ technician conducts a thorough diagnosis and contacts the customer with a detailed repair estimate. The repair is then completed within one business day and the PowerMac is returned to its owner via overnight service.

The cost of the PowerMacResQ program is just $129.00. This includes the 3-way overnight shipping, the initial diagnostic service, and the PowerBox, which the customer may keep for future use.

For computer resellers and repair centers, PowerMacResQ offers discounted rates on products and services. Computer dealers can send overflow service work or seamlessly outsource their entire PowerMac repair operation.

You can get more information on the PowerMacResQ program at the site MacResQ set up for the service.