Boasts An Update

MacScripter has announced a site update. has new enhancements and material to show off. According to MacScripter:

We would like to announce the update of In addition to a number of site enhancements, we have released:

  • Dialog Studio, a GUI for building Dialog Director OSAX based scripts in Applescript.
  • News Cover - updated daily on all things Applescript related
  • BBS - Heavily Moderated Bulletin Board for frequently asked questions
  • BBS Archives
  • ScriptBuilders - an online database, scripters warehouse
  • Scripting Additions Database - The largest user/author maintained OSAX library
  • Home of MacScripteris Magazine - Applescript Tutorial
  • Home of Dialog Studio - GUI builder for Dialog Director Scripting Addition
  • Extensive List for all scripting related links
  • A handy Book list that is kept current as well ...

We are working very hard to provide a well balanced resource for the applescripting community, from novice to guru. We hope that you will find our site useful and we welcome your comments.

You can find more information at