MacSoft Releases Major Patch For Mac Civilization III

We received a note from MacSoft announcing a major update to Civilization III. The company has released a patch for the resource management game that includes many new features, several of them significant. From MacSoft:

Macsoft, an Infogrames, Inc. label, has posted a Civ III patch. This patch tweaks and enhances the already great gameplay youive been enjoying in Sid Meieris Civilization III. The new patch adds features and improvements, including:

  • Stack movement for units of the same type: This means that you can set multiple go-to orders for units of the same type, in the same tile, with a single order.
  • Undo/Redo in Editor: Just like in a paint program. - Civilization Unique Units are now part of the upgrade path: Now you can upgrade a unique unit and they function just like the standard unit they replace with regards to upgrading. - Improved unit activation sequence: Units will be selected for orders more logically. There will be less jumping around the screen during your turn.
  • Possible to completely suppress cultural city acquisition with military units: Before there was always a small chance that a city would revert to another stronger culture, regardless of the number of military units youive got stationed there. Now, if you have enough, you can eliminate that chance entirely.
  • Many operations are faster now, including map scrolling.
  • Preferences will be saved in all cases.
  • All sounds and music will play consistently.
  • Native support for multiple mouse buttons and mouse wheels under OS X.
  • In addition to the command key, the option key will now also bring up the startup configuration dialog.
  • Memory footprint has been reduced to roughly 3 megs.
  • Added 1600x1024 as an option for Cinema Displays.
  • Added 1152x768 as an option for Titanium PowerBooks.
  • Changed to a more common Mac resolution.
  • Visual glitches have been fixed under OS X.
  • Uses up much less CPU time when paused or hidden.
  • UI actions respond more quickly.
  • Menu no longer appends items twice under the classic MacOS.
  • Screenshot code works more reliably with more than one screenshot.

You can find links to the download at MacSoftis Web site. You can find more information on the game itself at the MacSoft Web site.