MacSpeech Offers Discount On iListen Compatible Mic

MacSpeech, makers of the outstanding dictation program iListen, is offering registered iListen owners an opportunity to get a high quality mic at a 30% discount of their usual suggested price. iListen allows users to talk anywhere in their Mac where they would normally type, and also provides users another way of issuing system commands. According to MacSpeech:

We have had many requests regarding headsets from people who have either thedownload or CD version of iListen. We hear you and would like to make thefollowing offer:

You can purchase any ONE headset from our web site for 30% off the postedprice (plus shipping). This only a little above our cost, so it is quite adeal!

To take advantage of this offer, simply send me a note at and I will send youcomplete instructions for how to order your headset.

NOTE: This offer may be particularly useful if you anticipate purchasing theTitanium PowerBook, one of the new G4is, a Cube, or an iBook in the nearfuture since none of these models have analog audio in ports.

I anticipate quite a response from this offer, so please be patient toreceive your email with instructions.

You can find more information about iListen at the MacSpeech Web site.