MacSpeech Ships iListen CD

MacSpeech has shipped a CD version of their Macintosh dictation software, iListen. Version 1.0.1 is available as a downloadable disk image, or now as a physical product. iListen allows Mac users to talk into any application, meaning that keyboard use is optional. The more the product is used, the "smarter" it becomes and accuracy rate improves. iListen can also be used for a variety of command and control options, such as file manipulation and program management. According to MacSpeech:

MacSpeech announces it has started shipping iListen 1.0.1CDs. iListen is the long-awaited next generation speech recognition programfrom MacSpeech. MacSpeech announced the release of a download version, aswell as their commitment to bringing TalkAnywhere? technology to theforthcoming Mac OS X on November 27.

iListen was developed in cooperation with Philips Speech Processing, using their FreeSpeech 2000 speech engine. Philips is a global market leader inspeech recognition, natural dialogue and language understanding technologies.

iListen utilizes TalkAnywhere dictation technology, which converts spoken words intotypewritten text and characters anywhere a Macintosh user would normallytype.

"Appleis incredible ease of use, combined with the blazingly fast PowerPC processor, make the Mac a natural for utilizing speech recognition technology," said Clent Richardson, Apple vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "MacSpeechis TalkAnywhere is an excellent choice fordictation, as well as command and control of Macintosh applications, and we are thrilled to see it is now available."

Jason Weber, Lead Programmer for Microsoftis Macintosh Business Unit was also impressed with iListen 1.0, having this to say: "I have rarely seen twoproducts compliment each other like iListen and Microsoft Office 2001 for the Macintosh. Productivity and simplicity at its finest."

iListen is available for US$99.95 via electronic download, and US$109.95 on CD. You can find more information at the MacSpeech web site.