MacSpeech Updates iListen To Version 1.0.1

MacSpeech has updated their flagship product, iListen, to version 1.0.1. iListen is a voice dictation program that allows users to dictate and have their speech turned into text anywhere in the operating system that one would normally type. iListen also allows users control over the system with verbal commands rather than clicks or keystrokes. iListenis dictation accuracy improves over time, and allows users to correct improperly translated words, and read a host of "training" stories to increase accuracy. According to MacSpeech:

Dictation, editing, formatting and simple speech navigation with any application. iListen frees you from the keyboard and mouse. You are able to dictate text, edit and format it with just the power of your voice.

If you find you are repeating yourself a lot, create a text macro with those words. Then you can "type" those words with a single phrase or single word.

iListen also provides simple speech navigation. You can press buttons and control the mouse by voice.

Speech Recognition absolutely must have high quality sound input. iListen is available with a high quality preamp and microphone headset. This is not the cheapest headset we can find, but a well-made, long-lasting headset. It costs us more than the cheapies, but your comfort is worth it.

For those of you who wish to work smarter, not harder we also have voice activated AppleScripts. You are able to create complex scripts (a series of commands) to automate repetitive tasks. You can also create scripts to do simple things such as open a stationary file or send email.

Our What Can I Say window shows you the commands you can currently say.

When you dictate numbers, we automatically type numbers out in the proper way.

Feature Summary:

  • Continuous Speech Recognition ? Dictation in normal tone of voice and at a normal pace using the Philips FreeSpeech 2000 speech engine
  • Direct Dictation ? Dictate, edit and format text directly in any application
  • Text Macro Capabilities ? Insert (up to 32,000 character) standardized or predetermined phrases and text - with a single spoken phrase
  • Speech Navigation ? Open, close and control applications and navigate the desktop by speech
  • Large Vocabulary ? Active vocabulary of greater than 30,000 words. Backup vocabulary of 300,000 words developed in cooperation with Oxford University Press provides more words
  • Command and Control ? Speech control of the computer through built-in normal language and individually created commands
  • AppleScript Compatible ? Ability to take advantage of Appleis built-in scripting language
  • Internet Ready ? Surf the web with your voice
  • Multiple User Support ? Multiple users create their own speech profiles on the same computer

iListen, without a microphone head set, is available for a limited time special price of US$99.95. You can find more information at the MacSpeech web site.